“Friends of Grass Lake Township” was formed when property on Norvell Road which was zoned agricultural / residential became the proposed site for a gravel pit. During this process, we discovered that there are many concerns in our township that are lacking and require community involvement.

A Message From the President…

It is hard to believe it has been one year since we first formed. We have made remarkable strides and progress over this period of time.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work, dedication and support on fundraisers and community events. This small group of neighbors has become a well- established forum for the citizens of Grass Lake Township to have their voices heard.

The FRIENDS' accomplishments have been far-reaching with the community and the township. There have been an average of 20 attendees at all Township Board and Planning Commission Meetings and actual progress is taking place. Our input has initiated a more detailed agreement between Target Trucking, the Operators of the Bohne Road Gravel Pit, and the Township that will improve conditions, if they are enforced. Target Trucking and the Township are aware that the 2019 Special Use Permit Renewal will not be a "Rubber Stamped" approval as in the past. To the Township Trustees' surprise, the citizens do care about their quality of life, environment, safety, and are willing to get involved.

As a result of the Norvell Road Mine "Claim of Appeal" case, we have been contacted by other groups in Michigan and now realize this is not just a Grass Lake problem, communities statewide are experiencing similar issues. There are other lawsuits being discussed by private citizens in Grass Lake and nearby townships against other operators of existing pits. We have also been in contact with a group from Saugatuck Township that are just starting a similar legal battle. The FRIENDS' have increased awareness through education of gravel pit issues locally and statewide.

To keep this movement alive, we need help!

You can Help Us Continue to Help Our Community by:

Volunteer – We have many projects planned.

Pledge and/or JoinLink to Square page – The $15 annual Membership fee grants voting rights at the September Special Notified Annual Meeting.

Speaking of helping our community... We coordinated the Whistlestop Park fountain donation. Held in mid-July, Traffic Jam-In has asked us for volunteers. At the Grass Lake Township's request, we are helping solve the recent recycling problem. Most importantly to continue helping our community we need help with our membership drive.

Please attend our meetings and bring your thoughts, ideas, concerns and potential members interested...


Thank You,

Rick Murphy, President
Friends of Grass Lake Township


To preserve the quality of life that makes Grass Lake

safe, beautiful and "A Great Place to Call Home”

We do that by:

Educating and informing the community of critical issues

Addressing elected officials and others trying to influence decisions on important issues affecting the Township

Holding elected officials accountable in their duty to maintain the integrity of the Township by preserving the Community character, safety, environmental, business, recreational, organizational, structural and welfare standards



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